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Subject: New journal: Migration and Society -- call for papers for issue 1 on Hospitality and hostility towards migrants: global perspectives

Migration and Society<http://journals.berghahnbooks.com/migration-
and-society/> - a new journal published by Berghahn
Migration is at the heart of the transformation of societies and
communities and touches the lives of people across the globe. Migration and
Society is a new interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal advancing debate
about emergent trends in all types of migration. We invite work that
situates migration in a wider historical and societal context, including
attention to experiences and representations of migration, critical
theoretical perspectives on migration, and the social, cultural, and legal
embeddedness of migration. Global in its scope, we particularly encourage
scholarship from and about the global South as well as the North.
Migration and Society addresses both dynamics and drivers of migration;
processes of settlement and integration; and transnational practices and
diaspora formation. We publish theoretically informed and empirically based
articles of the highest quality, especially encouraging work that
interrogates and transcends the boundaries between the social sciences and
the arts and humanities.
We also welcome articles that reflect on the complexities of both studying
and teaching migration, as well as pieces that focus on the relationship
between scholarship and the policies and politics of migration.
Submissions are welcome for consideration in one of the five journal

o Research Articles: Each issue will include articles (max. 8,000 words)
addressing a key theme, in addition to a range of other
migration-and-society related articles;

o The People & Places section consists of shorter pieces (2,000-4,000
words), including notes from the field, 'migrant voices', and interviews
with scholars, practitioners, and policymakers;

o The Reflections section invites critical reflections (max. 5,000 words)
on migration research and teaching;

o The Creative Encounters section invites poetry, shorter prose pieces,
photo essays, and other engagements with migration;

o Each issue concludes with a Book Reviews section (800 words for single
book reviews, 13-1400 words for reviews of two books, 15-1600 words for
three books).

Migration and Society is edited by Mette Louise Berg (UCL) and Elena
Fiddian-Qasmiyeh (UCL).

Inaugural issue (publication August 2018)
Hospitality and hostility towards migrants: global perspectives
Recent years have seen an unprecedented scale of global forced migration.
Millions of people have fled conflicts and mass human rights violations as
well as poverty and persecution. Across sites of transit and settlement
migrants have been met by a combination of hospitality and hostility.
For the inaugural issue of Migration and Society, we welcome theoretically
and empirically informed contributions that help us develop a more nuanced
understanding of the complex responses and experiences of hospitality and
hostility around the world and in different historical contexts. We invite
contributions that offer critical analyses of the following questions:

1. How, and why, have different actors responded to the actual,
prospective, and imagined arrival of migrants across time and space?

2. How have migrants and refugees experienced and responded to
different, and at times overlapping, processes of hospitality and hostility
in sites of transit and settlement?

3. What are the politics and the poetics of hospitality and hostility
towards migrants in different spaces?

4. As 'new' migrants join established diasporas and transnational
communities, how have 'locals' and 'established' migrants and refugees
responded to 'newly' displaced people?

5. How, why, and with what effects have diverse media represented
processes of migration? Who has been rendered (hyper)visible and audible,
and/or invisible, inaudible, and silenced in different representations of

6. What are the historic resonances, continuities, and discontinuities
of contemporary dynamics of hospitality and hostility towards migrants?
We especially welcome articles that examine - and interrogate - the
applicability of the concepts of hospitality and hostility in different
settings; and that explore the relationship between these and other
concepts, including cosmopolitanism, welcome, conviviality,
neighbourliness, and solidarity, from the perspective of the global South
as well as the North.

Deadline for submitting articles for inclusion in issue 1: 30 September

For further information: http://journals.berghahnbooks.

Dr Gunvor Jónsson

Departmental Lecturer in Migration and Development

Review Editor “Migration & Society” (Berghahn Journals)

International Migration Institute

Department of International Development

University of Oxford
email: gunvor.jonsson@qeh.ox.ac.uk

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