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Subject: call for entries Digital Anthropologies #5

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Dear Colleagues,

Please find enclosed a call for entries for our new manifestation which will be organised at Le Cube and Le Point Éphémère , Paris 15 au 19 novembre 2017

Call for entries

“Believe, create, desire: make with the other”

In a political climate where the desires, creations and beliefs that animate us are increasingly endangered, we have chosen organize the 5th edition of Digital Anthropologies around the idea of collective space-time.

We want to create an inclusive space for all means or interventions that elicit the deepening of dialogue and interaction with the public. We invite researchers in the social sciences and the humanities, filmmakers, photographers, visual artists, digital practitioners as well as artists from performance, dance and theatre to share their research methods and methodologies, practices, and representational strategies, as a means of imagining modes of research that blur disciplinary conventions and boundaries.

It is our aim to disrupt the traditional division of labor between artistic expression, scientific production and technical intervention. How, through digital technologies, can corporeal, visual, audio or otherwise immaterial narratives, allow us to consider and interrogate the multiple and disparate realities of the world we inhabit?

As intercessors, you are constantly revealing and interrogating these orientations: whether to introduce singular perceptions, spaces where individual trajectories and collective fates meet, collide, or mutually enrich; or to expose these intersections—places where new modes of life, and rapports with the world, can emerge.

Since your modes of production and writing require unprecedented space-time of collective reception, our intention is to offer a rightful place to works that are excluded from usual channels of diffusion, by economic reasoning or processes of control, and shatter the accepted rituals of relationships between creators and the public.

Digital Anthropologies #5 is organised by les Écrans de la Liberté (Screens of Freedom) and supported by LabEx Hastec (Laboratory of Excellence in History and Anthropology of knowledge, techniques and beliefs).

Selection committee : Chloé Faux, doctoral student in Sociocultural Anthropology at Columbia University, New York; Pascal Leclercq, president of les Écrans de la Liberté; Côme Ledésert, filmmaker and practice-based doctoral student in Film Studies at the University of Westminster, London; Jacques Lombard, Anthropologist and filmmaker, emeritus research director at Institut de Recherche pour le Dévelopement; Nadine Wanono, Anthropologist and filmmaker, tenure researcher at Institut des Mondes africains, CNRS; Beina Xu, filmmaker, writer and graduate of the MA in Visual and Media Anthropology at the Freie Universität in Berlin.

Deadline: 30 april 2017

Online submission form: www.goo.gl/forms/ZYMuWz6DDuFxvbYx2<http://www.goo.gl/forms/ZYMuWz6DDuFxvbYx2>
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