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Subject: Reminder CALL FOR PAPERS (Deadline 1st April): Panel 25 Corporeal visions - EASA Medical Anthropology Network Lisbon

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Dear All,

This might be of interest to some on the list.
Please circulate and apologies for cross-posting

Best regards
Fabrizio Loce-Mandes and Matteo Saltalippi


EASA Medical Anthropology Network
2017 Biannual Conference Network Meeting
5-7 July, Lisbon, Portugal
Local organization: Portuguese Anthropological Association (APA)
Venue: University of Lisbon, Institute of Social Sciences (Av. Prof. Aníbal Bettencourt, 9)

http://medanthlisbon2017.apantropologia.org/presentation/ <http://medanthlisbon2017.apantropologia.org/presentation/>


Fabrizio Loce-Mandes (Queen’s University Belfast) and Matteo Saltalippi (Goldsmiths University of London)

http://medanthlisbon2017.apantropologia.org/p25/ <http://medanthlisbon2017.apantropologia.org/p25/>

Short abstract:
The focus of this panel is to explore how visual materials can contribute to a critical understanding and dissemination of bodily representation. We welcome empirical, methodological, and theoretical papers concerning original visual outputs, such as videos or photographs, to consider different meanings of body and health.

Long abstract:
The aim of this panel is to ask what are the implications, functions, and true potential of visual means in relation to concepts such as the body, corporeality, and health.From both a theoretical and methodological perspective, recent debates within Medical and Visual Anthropology have highlighted the communicative potential of visual outputs, especially those produced in collaboration with research participants.
Furthermore, the critical analysis of different sources of power and health management, highlights the tensions between biomedical interventions, biotechnology, social identities, and the construction of bodies. To this end, interdisciplinary approaches such as the production of still and moving images, comics, art exhibitions, and web platform involving anthropologists, artists, and filmmakers are becoming central in stimulating debates on practices and interpretations of bodiliness in the public sphere (Schneider, Wright 2010; Williams 2012; Schneider, Pasqualino 2014).
Anthropologists can contribute to this ongoing debate by developing strategies for an efficient and meaningful investigation of embodied action; thus, the ethnographic fieldwork presents itself as a privileged and synergic context to explore health, pollution, surgery, body transformation, disability, birth and death, as well as to investigate how the body can be imprisoned, modified, cured and normalised (Chalfen, Rich 2004; Grasseni 2007; Farnell 2011; Harley et al. 2015).
Central to our argument, visual material can provide a fertile ground to analyze the ways through which the experience of the body and the notion of “health” are understood, constructed, and negotiated in a continuously transformative process within complex balances of power, always present in different social and cultural contexts.

Each discussant will be allowed 20 minutes to present a paper, including original visual materials. Please submit both a written abstract of your paper and a sample of images and/or a link to a video (3 to 10 minutes in length), and/or a link to an online platform.
If you are interested, please send your proposal (up to 300 words) directly to Fabrizio Loce-Mandes (f.loce-mandes@qub.ac.uk <mailto:f.loce-mandes@qub.ac.uk>) and Matteo Saltalippi (m.saltalippi@gold.ac.uk <mailto:m.saltalippi@gold.ac.uk>). Deadline for paper proposals: April 1st, 2017.

Paper proposals will be evaluated by panel coordinators. The list of papers accepted will be announced on April 15th, 2017.

Kind regards,

Fabrizio Loce-Mandes
Phd University of Perugia (Italy)
Research Fellow Queen’s University Belfast

Matteo Saltalippi
Phd Candidate
Goldsmiths University of London

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