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Subject: Suggestions for ethnographic films on the themes of intersectionality, multilingualism, international mobilities

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Dear all,

I’m leading a major 5-year research project (ERC Starting Grant) on international deaf mobilities (forced migration, labour migration, professional mobility, tourism) and we’ll produce four ethnographic films within this project. In this first stage of the project I’m looking for films to critically discuss/analyse in weekly film discussions. The aim is for us to reflect on the kind of films we want to produce.

What are, in your opinion, very good ethnographic films on the themes below?

1. intersectionality
2. multilingualism, language and mobility, language ideologies
3. international mobility, in particular forced migration, labour migration, professional mobility, tourism

It is crucial that the films are fully subtitled in English, since we are an all-deaf research team!

I’d love go get suggestions!

Best regards,
Annelies Kusters


Dr. Annelies Kusters
Senior Lecturer / Assistant Professor in Sign Language and Intercultural Research

Heriot-Watt University
Dept. of Language & Intercultural Studies
School of Social Sciences
Henry Prais Building 2.14
Edinburgh EH14 4AS


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