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Call for labs

The Call for Labs for EASA2020 closed on 20 January 2020.

Laboratories offer participants the possibility to move beyond the paper format and explore aspects of our work that do not fit the traditional scholarly mode of presentations in conference panels. Laboratories privilege innovation, work-in-progress, and collaboration, providing an opportunity for sharing experiences of and experiments on methodology, civic and political intervention, community outreach, creative modes of doing science and disseminating knowledge, among others. In this sense, laboratories exploit the anthropological notion that forms of knowledge-making are never settled.

The convenors of the EASA2020 Lab programme are open to proposals that dialogue with the Conference theme, mainly regarding the negative and positive changes in European and global societies in the past 30 years, as well as the need to look beyond strictly European horizons.

We especially encourage proposals that stress collaborative forms of knowledge creation; that break the borders between academia and civil society; that challenge the scientific / artistic divide; that allow for cross-fertilization between European perspectives and those from beyond Europe while acknowledging and addressing the inherent issues of power; or that elaborate on the current dynamics of anxiety and fear in many European societies and beyond.

Proposals for labs that engage with methodological experimentation or reflections on Anthropology and anthropological work in general - and that do not specifically engage with the conference theme - are of course also welcome.

The proposal form and subsequent notification refers to your proposal as a 'paper' but please ignore that. If you make a proposal here, it's for a lab! Please indicate all practical needs, material requirements and limitations in the long abstract. Labs cannot have named, pre-selected contributions the way panels have papers, but it is possible to limit the number of participants through pre-registration.

All lab convenors (just like all authors and panel convenors) must be members of EASA by the time they register for the conference (note that for presenting/convening, being just a member of another WCAA organisation does not count), but one does not have be an EASA member in order to propose a paper and have it accepted.