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Field/Works. Kaleidoscopic activities between anthropology and art

Field/Works. Kaleidoscopic activities between anthropology and art

Call for Contributions/Submissions

Deadline for submission: 30 May 2020

2020 Location: Online
2021 Location: Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon

We seek contributions – projects in any medium – for inclusion in the first ANTART Network Exhibition at EASA: "Field/Works: kaleidoscopic activities between anthropology and art.”

For anthropologists and artists “doing fieldwork” in contemporary worlds, art can be much more than an object of investigation. As sources of enrichment for anthropological practices, our diverse engagements with art are generating work that incorporates and combines research methods and ‘outcomes’.

Curation and creation through visual, audio, or performing arts are at the heart of our academic work, extending the established anthropological interest in writing as a medium of thought and knowledge sharing. The kaleidoscopic presentation of art practices that now overlap and relate to fieldwork in its varied manifestations demonstrates the diversity and aesthetic complexity of these gestures, which are increasingly seen as essential to anthropological knowledge. Access to other people's worlds is always a half-way encounter, a transformative and creative experience that can be accounted for and retold in various ways. We aim to explore new meeting grounds together. In addressing the theme of “field/works” for this exhibition, we encourage submissions from anthropologists and artists whose work breaks disciplinary boundaries, especially between visual arts, performance and sound, and whose practice foregrounds interdisciplinary, experimental, and open approaches. Work exhibited online in 2020 should take account of the prospect of a “physical” exhibition in 2021, with the possibility to further develop the work in the interval between 2020 and 2021.

The exhibition is a ‘para-site’ installation in relation to, and supported by, the EASA2020 online conference and its subsequent meetings in Lisbon in 2021. The Field/Works exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue, published in print as well as in open access.

The objective of the ANTART Network is to advance the scholarship, discussion, and presence of anthropological approaches to the arts and of artistic approaches to anthropology. It seeks to build on its existing network of scholars, artists, and institutions to continue its exchanges with cultural production venues, thus building links between the university and other public or civil society initiatives. The Anthropology and the Arts network aims to attract researchers working in and with the arts including but also beyond visual media, including the performative arts, music and sound, theatre, design, architecture, etc.

Members of the curatorial committee: Anna Laine (ANTART), Jen Clarke (ANTART, Gray's School of Art, RGU, Aberdeen), Fernando Dias (FBAUL), Jorge dos Reis (FBAUL), Maxime Le Calvé (ANTART, HU Berlin).

Submission format and guidelines

Please compile the following information requested into a single Word (.docx or .doc) document (MAX 10 pages). All moving work should be included as a URL link (to a Vimeo or YouTube, for example). You may attach a maximum of 6 images as jpgs. Do not send a PowerPoint please.

The call is not only directed to our network members but to anyone who is an EASA member (and beyond). It is our aim to be transparent with the call as part of the EASA2020 Conference, not a closed network event.


Funding is regrettably limited; however, we will provide a one-off artist fee of 150 euro for each participating artist. As it stands, further funding will unfortunately not be available to support the development of works, shipping/delivery, or insurance for the physical exhibition, so the artworks will be under the responsibility of their makers/authors. However, we plan to have an invigilator on site for the duration of the exhibition.

Dates of the exhibition and events

EASA conference will take place online 21-24 July 2020. The Exhibition will be made public online shortly before this date.

A further development of the exhibition will be curated in the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon in 2021. It will be jointly organised together with an EASA event with panel discussions. Given the current uncertainties, we can only give you an approximation of the dates of this expected event, around September).

Send submissions and queries directly to: AntArtFieldWorksLisbon@gmail.com
Deadline for submission of proposals: 30 May 2020

Selections will be made by the curators of the exhibitions, together with a board of faculty members of FBAUL. We encourage proposals working across different media, including audio visual and performative field/works, as well as two-dimensional visual work.

All applicants will be notified about the status of their submission by 6 June 2020.