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Message posted on 05/11/2019

Call for Papers: Mobility overflow Tarragona January 31-February 1st 2020

This is a call for papers to participate in the panel we organize at the
Catalan Congress of Anthropology (COCA), which will take place in
Tarragona, Spain, from January 30 to February 1, 2020.

You should send your proposal to Dani Malet (danielmalet@gmail.com) and
Roger Sansi (rogersansi@gmail.com) before the 1st of December

You can send your proposals in English, Spanish, Catalan, Occitan...

We enclose an abstract of the panel:


In the last decades, many cities around the world have developed new
transport infrastructures and mobility plans. These models of mobility can
be radically different, even contradictory, in different places: from a
former development model of building roads for motor car use in most
developing countries, catching up with an already developed world which, on
the opposite, is turning to a sustainable model of pedestranisation and
limitations to gas motor cars in favour of walking, non-motorised
individual vehicles like bicycles and (possibly electric) public transport.
The hypothesis of this panel is that the implementation of these different
models has something in common: these mobility models as well as the
infrastructures that deploy them, are quickly overflown by unexpected uses,
new means of transportation of people and commodities making use of new
technologies, business models and infrastructures that were not foreseen by
city planners. These new uses are often at the limits of legality and
traffic rules, collapsing the infrastructures that they are using. We
invite papers engaging with mobility overflows in different urban contexts
around the world.
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