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Message posted on 29/06/2020

AnthroMob network meeting (online), 20th of July

Dear AnthroMob members,

We hope you are all doing alright in these challenging times.

As most of you already know, this year's EASA conference, originally planne= d to take place in Lisbon, will be held online. Which means that this year'= s network meetings will also take place online. The good news in this is th= at this year's meeting will be open to ALL members of the network not only = to those who have registered for the whole conference.

The AnthroMob Network meeting is scheduled for Monday July 20th, from 11:00= -13:00 WEST/ Lisbon summer time (GMT+1). We will circulate a link for onlin= e participation in due course. The meeting will take place on the Shindig platform, and will be accessible= to all who have the link, i.e. you don't have to be registered for the con= ference in order to participate.

Attached you will find a tentative agenda for the meeting. Please do let us= know if you want to add a point to the list by writing to anthromob@outloo= k.com!

Two important things from the agenda:

1) Would you like to get more involved in the network? Then consider becoming a network convenor! Being a co-convenor is both rewa= rding and full of potential. Quite flexible and adaptable in scope and cont= ent, our tasks include, in its broadest understanding, the coordination of = AnthroMob-related events and activities, be it online and offline.

We are seeking nominations for the following positions:

  • Social media coordinator, responsible for managing AnthroMob's soc= ial media network;

  • Junior Scholars' representative, who will make sure the interests = of AnthroMob junior scholars are considered, especially when it comes to th= e biennial workshop, panels and events to be sponsored and scheduled for th= e EASA meetings, and even posting relevant links and information to the mai= ling list and Facebook. In case you have suggestions for other relevant positions that should be ad= ded and would potentially like to take that role, please let us and the lis= t know.

By this email the ongoing convenors Fabiola Mancinelli, Silvia Wojczewski (= both for second term) and Anna Lisa Ramella (for third term) would like to = state their interest to run for another two years of convenorship.

We will run an election for convenorship at the meeting.

2) The decision regarding our next AnthroMob Workshop 2021 (where, when= , and on which topic?)

Among AnthroMob events and activities, perhaps the most significant to date= is the convening of its biannual Workshop, which takes place in alternate = years from EASA conferences (the next one will be in 2021). To have an idea= of what a Workshop can be like, you can look at the previous one we conven= ed in Barcelona on "Mobility and = the Future of Work", or just write to us. We encourage you to start making = suggestions for our next Workshop, in terms of where, when, and on which to= pic it could be.

The deadline for sending your candidature and/or workshop proposal is July = 10th (or earlier if possible; write to anthromob@outlook.com). This will help us plan in advance and make due arrangemen= ts in view of our forthcoming meeting.

Looking forward to see many of you at our online Network meeting! In due course we will also circulate information about AnthroMob endorsed p= anels on this year's EASA.

All the Best, Your AnthroMob convenors (Anna Lisa, Fabiola & Silvia)

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