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Message posted on 14/07/2020

Transnational Mobilities in Nationalist Times

Dear all

We are looking for one or two more essays to round up a special issue on the topic of Transnational Mobilities in Nationalist Times. The essays will be considered for publication in the journal Transfers. We have already gathered a strong collection of essays but we have been presented with the opportunity to expand the range and depth of our investigation.

We are looking for essays that discuss the question of moving transnationally at a time of enhanced nationalism. By "transnational" mobility we mean movement of people, things, capital or ideas (see John Urry) across or beyond national boundaries. This can be moving from country to country (e.g. the mobility from Syria to Germany) or within the boundaries of a nation-state, in ways that are perceived by a significant portion of society to be a threat to the national project.

Scholars working in the humanities and social sciences are welcome to send their proposals or full essays.

We would like to receive short biographical notes with proposals and, if possible, full texts as soon as possible or by August 15. Please do not send attachments, copy and paste your proposal or full draft on the main body of the email.

For any questions contact the Editors moreno_jaime@protonmail.com. Many thanks.

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