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CFP: Multiple Citizenships: Mobility as a Heritage and as a Horizon

Call for Papers: =20 Multiple Citizenships: Mobility as a Heritage and as a Horizon=20

Calendar and Modalities: =

The number of people holding at least two citizenships is constantly = increasing in the world. While current mobility is a major factor in = this phenomenon, the mobility of past generations and changes operated = by many countries in their citizenship law are also at issue here. = However, French research has so far focused almost exclusively on = multiple citizenships resulting from the acquisition of the citizenship = of the host country by an immigrant or his/her children. The aim of this = special issue is to gather case studies on other modalities of access to = multiple citizenships in Europe and beyond. In doing so, it aims to = examine afresh the meaning and representations associated with this = phenomenon, the multiple uses that one can make of the different = citizenships he or she holds, as well as the link between citizenship = and the feeling of national belonging.=20

Coordination: Melissa Blanchard (Anthropologist, Research Fellow, CNRS, = Norbert Elias Center, Marseille), Karine Lamarche (Sociologist, Research = Fellow, CNRS, CENS, Nantes) and Constance De Gourcy (Sociologist, = Lecturer HDR, MESOPOLHIS, CNRS/MMSH Aix-Marseille University)

Deadline to send abstracts: December 1st, 2021

Proposals for articles should be written in French or English, and = should include the author=E2=80=99s affiliation, a title and an abstract = (1,000 characters spaces included). They can come from different = disciplines of the social sciences, and should be sent to = , = = and = before December 1st, 2021.

Articles can be in French or English.

Texts need to conform to house style (Note aux auteur=C2=B7e=C2=B7s = )

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