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Members of the Anthropology of Food Network

The list of members will be displayed here in due course.


Zofia Boni (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and SOAS Food Studies Centre, University London, ). My research interests concern the role of food in various social relationships, such as between family members or between family, state and market institutions. I am especially interested in children and food, critical nutrition and critical obesity studies. I am also interested in food as part of research methodology. Regionally my interests are in Europe, in particular Poland.

Katharina Graf (SOAS, University of London, ). My research interests relate to the preparation of food and the reproduction of knowledge. In connection I also explore issues relating to gender, urban space, material culture, as well as food security, risk and uncertainty. My regional focus is the Middle East and North Africa, in particular Morocco.

Krista Harper (University of Massachusetts Amherst/EHESS Centre Norbert Élias, ). Research interests: Food as an object of urban movements and mobilizations, including food justice activism and urban gardening efforts. I have conducted research on food activism and food values in Europe (Hungary and Portugal), and the United States. Publications are available at: works.bepress.com/krista_harper/

Patricia Homs (University of Barcelona and Aresta Cooperative, ). My research interests concern the socioeconomic and political aspects of food. I’m interested on food activism, the agroecological movement and grassroots economics. I have conducted field-work on cooperative provisioning systems in the region of Catalonia (Spain).