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Networks: Medical Anthropology Network

A steering group elected at the meeting in Vienna in 2004 prepared the establishment of the new network. The steering group comprised Els van Dongen (the Netherlands), Elisabeth Hsu (United Kingdom), Hansjoerg Dilger (Germany/United States) and Agita Luse (United Kingdom/Latvia).  The steering group prepared for and conducted the business meeting and the elections held at the EASA Biennial Conference in Bristol 2006.

The committee serves a two year term. Committee members may be elected for a maximum of two consecutive terms.

The current committee was elected in Tallinn in 2014:
Pino Schirripa (Italy), Chair (1st term)
Susanne Adahl (Finland), Co-Vice Chair (1st term)
Piet van Eeuwijk (Switzerland), Co-Vice Chair (1st term)
Gabriele Alex (Germany) Representative for Teaching (2nd term)
Rene Gerrets (The Netherlands), Representative for Intersection and Cross-Disciplinarity (1st term)
Claire Beaudevin (France), Liaison officer (1st term)
Elizabeth Hsu (UK), Representative for publication of books and thematic issues (1st term)
Anita Hardon (The Netherlands), Representative for international relation and outlook on future activities (1st term)
Viola Hoerbst (Germany), Representative for medical anthropology and its social applications (1st term)
Tanja Ahlin (Slovenia/The Netherlands), IT officer (2nd term)

At the same time, a new board of the MAYS was elected too. The new representatives are:
Mari Lo Bosco (Portugal) Representative for MAYS (1st term)
Lilian Kennedy (UK) Representative for MAYS (1st term)

For information, contact  Tanja Ahlin,