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The following EASA members (in alphabetical order) have joined the Mediterraneanist Network.

Albahari, Mauricio. University of Notre Dame. Email:
Albera, Dionigi,Idemec, Aix-en-Provence.  Email:
Alemany Sureda, Francesc, University of Barcelona. Email:
Andersson, Kerstin. University of Gothenburg. Email:
Apostoli Cappello, Elena, Ca’Foscari University, Venice. Email:
Arias Gómez, Vicente Javier. UNED, Madrid. Email:
Assmuth, Laura. University of Helsinki. Email:
Athanasopoulou, Angeliki. Academy of Athens. Email:
Babilis, Trifon. University of Leiden. Email:
Bachis, Francesco, University of Cagliari. Email:
Barrera-González, Andrés. Complutense University, Madrid. Email:
Bauer, Teresa, Humboldt University Berlin Email:
Belt, Paige. University of Bristol. Email:
Blanes, Ruy Llera. University of Lisbon. Email:
Blum, Eva Maria. CRIA, Lisbon Email:
Boissevain, Jeremy. University of Amsterdam. Email:
Bondanini, Francesco. Email:
Bouarour, Amina, Algiers 3 University Email:
Bowmen, Glenn. University of Kent. Email:
Burkay, Helin, Carleton University, Canada. Email:
Cabot, Heath. Princeton University. Email:
Campbell, Brian. Max Planck Institute Halle, Email:
Capelli, Irene. Email:
Capello, Carlo. University of Turin. Email:
Carbonell, Eliseu. Catalan Institute for Cultural Heritage Research. Email:
Carlestål, Eva. Linkoeping University, Sweden. Email: and
Carnet, Pauline. University of Toulouse. Email: Carro-Ripalda, Susana. Durham University. Email:
Clough, Paul, University of Malta. Email:
Cordova, Giovanni, 'Sapienza' University of Rome Email:
Couroucli, Maria. CNRS. University of Paris X, Nanterre. Email: and
Cunha, Manuela Ivone. University of Minho. Email:
Dahlgren, Susanne. Helsinki College for Advanced Studies. Email:
Dallali, Samia, University of Ferrara. Email:
Danis Didem. Email:
Dawson, Ann-Maree. La Trobe University, Australia. Email:
de Rapper, Gilles. CNRS. Email:
Dietz, Gunther. Veracruzana University. Email:
Dikomitis, Lisa. Ghent University. Email: and
Doukarakou, Maria, University of the Aegean. Email:
Durand, Jean-Yves. University of the Minho, Braga. Email:
Ekonomou, Andromachi. Academy of Athens. Email: and
El-Or, Tamar. Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Email:
Favero, Paolo, Portugal. Email:
Fedele, Anna, Lisbon University Institute. Email:
Franquesa, Jaume. University of Toronto. Email:
Gibert, Marie-Pierre. CNRS, France. Email:
Giordano, Christian, University of Fribourg/CH. Email:
Giudici, Daniela. University of Bologna. Email:
Goddard, Victoria. Goldsmiths College, London. Email:
Guimarães, Murilo, University of Lisbon. Email:
Habib, Jasmin, University of Waterloo, Canada. Email:
Haller, Dieter. Ruhr University, Bochum. Email:
Heady, Patrick. Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology. Email:
Heinemann, Abraham, University of Kent. Email:
Hirschfeld, Benjamin. Email:
Ianiro, Erica, Ca’ Foscari University, Venice. Email:
Istasse, Marion. Email:
Jablonski Garcia, Paulo. Autonomous University of Barcelona. Email:
Jiménez, Mercedes, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. Email:
Jimeno Salvatierra, Pilar. Autonomous University of Madrid. Email:
Kalantzis, Konstantinos. University College, London. Email:
Kale, Jadran, University of Zadar/Croatia Email:
Hanan Kamal Abu Sekin, National Center of Social And Criminological Research, Cairo Email:
Kottmann, Sina Lucia. University of Tubingen. Email:
Krom, Maria J C. CRIA - Centre for Research in Anthropology, Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Email:
Kroner, Gudrun. Austrian Academy of Sciences. Email:
Krüger, Marion. University of Tübingen. Email:
Kantsa, Venetia, University of the Aegean. Email:
Lai, Franco. University of Sassari, Sardinia. Email:
Lalioti, Vassiliki, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Email:
LaRocca, Francesco. University of Catania. Email:
Lauth Bacas, Jutta. Academy of Athens. Email:
Lebedinsky, Viviana, CONICET, Argentina. Email:
Lenz, Ramona, University of Bochum. Email:
Lenz, Ramona. Frankfurt/Main. Email:
Loddo, Stephanie. IRIS, EHESS Paris. Email:
Loschi, Chiara, University of Turin. Email:
Loutzaki, Rena, University of Athens. Email:
Maglivras, Simon S. American College of Greece: Email:
Mattioli, Fabio, Department of Anthropology, CUNY Graduate Center. Email:
Mills, Aydin, Madrid. Email:
Mitchell, Jon, University of Sussex, Email:
Ménez, Florence, EHESS, Paris and Ca’ Foscari University. Email:
Morell, Marc. University of the Balearic Islands. Email:
Naguib, Nefissa. University of Bergen. Email:
Näser-Lather, Marion Universtity of Marburg, Germany. Email:
Nuer, Rangei. Malta University. Email:
Orlando, Giovanni. Independent Researcher (PhD Goldsmiths). Email:
Osseiran, Souad, University of London Mail:
Papapavlou, Maria. University of Athens. Email:
Pardo, Italo. University of Kent. Email:
Parisi, Rosa. Email:
Pasieka, Agnieszka. Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle. Email:
Pénicaud, Manoël, University of Provence. Email:
Pereira, Claudia. University of Lisbon. Email:
Pero, Davide. Nottingham University. Email:
Petronoti, Marina. Research Center for Social Science, Athens. Email:
Peveling, Barbara. University of Tuebingen. Email:
Pfeilstetter, Richard, Universidad de Sevilla. Email:
Piedade, Ana, Departamento de Educação, Ciências Sociais e do Comportamento/IPBeja Email:
Ponte e Sousa, Pedro, New University of Lisbon (FCSH-UNL) Email:
Poulakis, Nick, University of Athens Email: Prato, Giuliana B.  University of Kent. Email:
Pusceddu, Antonio. University of Sienna. tonirosso(at)yahoo.it
Rabo, Annika. Center for Research on International Migration and Ethnic Relations (CEIFO), Stockholm University. Email:
Rey, Séverine. University of Lausanne. Email:
Rikou, Elpida. School of Fine Arts, Athens. Email:
Rodriguez-Martin, Eduard. Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Paris. Email:
Roussou, Eugenia. University College, London. Email:
Sacchi, Paola. University of Turin. Email:
Sanga, Glauco. Ca’ Foscari University Venice. Email:
Sciama, Lidia. University of Oxford. Email:
Scott, Julie. London Metropolitan University. Email:
Seraïdari, Katerina. Centre d’anthropologie sociale, Toulouse. Email:
Shkreli, Alma. Sabanci University. Email:
Schneider, Jane, City University of New York Email:
Schneider, Peter T., Fordham University Email:
Shokeid, Moshe. University of Tel Aviv. Email:
Shore, Cris. University of Auckland. Email:
Sischarenco, Elena, University of St Andrews Email:
Sjolander-Lindqvist, Annelie. Global Studies, Sweden. Email:
Sobral, José Manuel, Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon (ICS-UL) Email:
Stacul, Jaro. Grant MacEwan College, Canada. Email:
Stock, Inka. Email:
Stylianoudi, Lily. Academy of Athens. Email:
Streinzer, Andreas, University of Vienna Email:
Tamisari, Franca. Ca’ Foscari University Venice. Email:
Tozzi di Marco, Anna. Email:
Tsimouris Giorgos, Panteion University Athens. Email:
Tzanetou, Vasiliki, Society of Social Psychiatry and Mental Health, Greece. Email:
Vacchiano, Francesco, CRIA-IUL, Lisbon. Email:
Valentin, Emanuel. University of Tübingen. Email:
Vardaki, Elia. Email:
Velioti, Maria. University of Peloponnese. Email:
Verratti, Ilaria, EHESS, Paris. Email:
Viazzo Pier Paolo. Email:
Vietti, Francesco. University of Genua. Email:
Vince Pallua, Jelka. Institute of Social Studies Ivo Pilar, Croatia. Email:
Viscomi, Joseph John, Center for European and Mediterranean Studies, New York University Email:
Voell, Stéphane. University of Marburg. Email:
Vucinic-Neskovic, Vesna. University of Belgrade. Email:
van Vügt, Sofia, Humboldt University Berlin Email:
Warner, Anna-Kathrin.University of Bremen. Email:
Weber, Sarah, University of Bochum. Email:
Woestman, Lois. Athens. Email:
Zerilli, Filippo. University of Cagliari. Email:
Zinn, Dorothy Louise. Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy. Email: