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Message posted on 24/10/2019

‘Critical Encounters: The “European Refugee Crisis”’ New issue of JAF now out

[With apologies for cross-posting]

Dear colleagues,

A special issue of the Journal of Anthropological Films titled ‘Critical Encounters: The “European Refugee Crisis”’ (Vol. 3, Issue 2) has just been published. The issue is edited by Christos Varvantakis, Katerina Rozakou, Ifigeneia Anastasiadi, Pafsanias Karathanasis, and Kostantinos Aivaliotis. It’s a result of a collaboration between JAF and the Athens Ethnographic Film Festival- Ethnofest, and is based on the themed section of the 9th edition of the festival (2018) with the same title.

The issue is open-access and online.

You can read the guest editorial here: https://boap.uib.no/index.php/jaf/article/view/2902/2802

And browse the contents of the issue here: https://boap.uib.no/index.php/jaf/issue/view/374

Please do circulate among your networks.

With all good wishes, Christos Varvantakis

Dr Christos Varvantakis

Department of Sociology Goldsmiths, University of London

Latest papers:

Nolas, S-M., and Varvantakis, C. (2019) Field notes for amateurs

. In Social Analysis. Open Access.

Varvantakis, C. and Nolas, S.-M. (2019) Metaphors we experiment with in multimodal ethnography. In International Journal of Social Research Methodology. Open Access.

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