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Call for films for German Anthropological Association's conference


Dear all,

this is a reminder, that the Call for Films for the upcoming DGSKA conference is still running until Dez. 15th. We would like to encourage you to submit your films / audiovisual works. You will find the Call below.

Since we received some questions regarding the production year, we decided to extend the production time period and to also accept films that were produced in 2020.

Please send your submissions directly to and include a short synopsis (200 words max.), CV or short bio, information on the fieldwork and/or production context, and production year.

We are looking forward to receiving your submissions.

All the best Miriam and Felix

Dr. Miriam Remter Institut fr Ethnologie Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitt Mnchen Forschungsschwerpunkt Visuelle Ethnologie Oettingenstr. 67 80538 Mnchen

Contested Knowledge: Anthropological Perspectives

2023 25. 28. July 2023 an der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitt MnchenUmstrittenes Wissen/Contested Knowledge: Ethnologische Perspektiven Call for Films

The history of ethnographic filmmaking is by its very nature permeated by contested knowledges and by a plurality of anthropological perspectives. From Rouchs anthropologie partage, and Gardners evocation of experience, to MacDougalls and Taylor/Paravels sensorial-embodied filmmaking the ways in which ethnographic documentaries are dealing with and producing knowledge(s) are diverse and often controversial. Today the growing uses of media for intended misinformation, the possibilities of audio-visual deep fakes, and the claim of alternative facts are fuelling a distrust in academic knowledge production and audio-visual documents alike. In times of national and global political polarizations and of an unprecedented human induced environmental crisis on the one hand, and of a trend toward highly scripted and dramatized documentary formats on the other, the question of who is speaking for whom and with what authority seems as pressing as the necessity for transcultural mediation.For the upcoming GAA conference, we are assembling an accompanying program with films and panel discussions in which we intend to discuss film not only regarding individual topics and filmic styles, but also in a broader sense, regarding its general role and potential in (academic) knowledge production and public reach. In the film program we wish to reflect the conference theme in the following questions and topics:

Films of/as Politics how can and do films engage politically charged concepts like identity, gender, culture, or nature?

Non-fiction assessing and reflecting facts and truths in documentary film(making)

Whos talking? who can speak about whom and how?

Telling or experiencing the role of sensory knowledge for approaching others` lifeworlds

Participation, Collaboration, Dialogue, Activist Research knowledge production as shared experience among humans and beyond

We encourage submitters to not only hand in ethnographic films, but also other audio-visual forms and formats, like sound-pieces and video-essays. The films and other works will be screened during the conference in Munich, their presentation will be accompaniedby roundtable discussions with the filmmakers. The film program will run as part of the conference in synchronous time slots. In addition, all films/works shall be provided online via streaming, for participants to watch at their preferred time, and for panel organizers and participants to have the opportunityto include excerpts of the selected films in other panels, while providing full-lengthversions online. We will accept films and audio-visual works of any length and genre that were produced in 2021 or later. Student films and projects produced as part of ethnographic research are particularly welcome. All films will be carefully considered by a selection committee.

Submitted films need to be in German or English or with German or English subtitles.Please include a short synopsis (200 words max.), CV, and information on the fieldwork and/or production context. No submission fee is required. Films will be screened without a screening fee.Participation in the film program requires payment of the conference fee.

Submissions should be made until De cember 15 th via E-Mail to

Organizers: Miriam Remter, Felix RemterIn case of questions please contact

Thomas John | Doctoral Researcher Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology Freie Universitt Berlin & Associate Lecturer, Dept. of Social and Cultural Anthropology WWU Mnster .html

  • Co-speaker working group Visual Anthropology (DGSKA / German Anthropological Association)

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