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Workshop on Multimodal Digital Curating, January 19 – 20, 2023, AG Medien (Working Group Media Anthropology)

Dear colleagues,

we are thrilled to announce the programme of our upcoming workshop on Multimodal Digital Curating , on January 19 – 20, 2023. The workshop is organised by the Working Group Media Anthropology (AG Medien ) of the German Anthropological Association (GAA/DGSKA) and will be held online.

We have put together an exciting schedule with international scholars working at the intersection of Anthropology, digital research and artistic/curatorial practice. Please download the full programme with abstracts and bios here . The workshop is part 3 of the series „Multimodal Digital Engagements“.

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Outline: In recent years, digital practices of curation have found an increased interest in the field of (media) anthropology. Anthropologists and ethnographers developed online exhibitions, created websites, or used social media platforms as research tools and means to produce and present their research in multimodal digital formats, and to a broader audience. Digital curating not only encompasses a broad variety of curation technologies such as audio-visual media, VR video, blogs, podcasts/videocasts, design-based web applications, social media platforms or the critical use of AI technology, but also addresses hybrid formats and offline spaces. Digital exhibitions are inherently multimodal as they often reflect diverse modes of fieldwork, production, and representation and go beyond the often implied online/offline divide. Digital Curating ideally involves collaborative processes with research partners, but also with designers, programmers, and other institutional actors. As such, digital curating not only transgresses the diverse modalities of production of what is exhibited but is in itself a mode of knowledge production and social practice. Multimodal forms of digital curating allow for more experimental use of audio-visual media – (moving) images, drawings, designs, and sounds can be (re)combined and presented in novel ways to foster different kinds of experiences. They also relate, reflect, and expand analogue forms of exhibitions, not least due to their reach beyond geographic locations. During the workshop, we want to focus on practical and hands-on perspectives, and at the same time critically engage in the challenges of digital curating, such as economic constraints, bias in digital technologies, sustainability and archiving of digital environments, as well as asymmetries and power dynamics in collaborations between diverse actors and professional spheres. Multimodal Digital Curating is part of a series of workshops and lectures, focusing on multimodal digital engagements such as presenting, publishing, displaying, archiving, gaming, designing, etc. This series is aimed to serve as a platform for scholars and practitioners working on multimodal digital experimentations to share practical experiences and theoretical insights. It brings together researchers and curators from anthropology and related fields to share their experiences with multimodal and experimental forms of digital curating in formats like websites and social media platforms.

Organization & Contact: Anja Dreschke, University of Siegen ( ) Anna Lisa Ramella, University of Cologne ( ) Simone Pfeifer, University of Cologne ( )


19 January 2023

10.30 Welcome 11.00-12.00 Shireen Walton (UCL): Multimodal explorations: digital (co)-curations in and between Iran and Italy 12.00-13.00 Larissa-Diana Fuhrmann (JGU Mainz): Curating artistic appropriations relating to political violence in a collaborative research approach 13.00-15.00 lunch break 15.00-16.00 Roger Canals (University of Barcelona): Research as an eclectic assemblage: notes on two multi-modal projects involving digital curation and visual experimentation
16.00-17.00 Christoph Bareither (Uni Freiburg): Digital Curation as Analytical Concept and Approach to Ethnographic Co-Design

20 January 2023

10.00-11.00 Jennifer Deger (Charles Darwin University, Australia): Curating anthropology’s new forms 11.00-12.00 Rafael Schacter (UCL): A Curatorial Methodology for Anthropology 12.00-14.00 lunch break 14.00-15.00 Paolo Favero (University of Antwerp): When the Old is the New New 15.00-16.00 Carolin Höfler (KISD, TH Köln): Collaborating on Design Processes
16.00-16.30 final discussion


Dr. Anna Lisa Ramella

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Collaborative Research Centre Future Rural Africa University of Cologne

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