Message posted on 16/12/2022

AnthroVision - new issues of the online journal of VANEASA

Dear VANEASA list member,

It is a pleasure to inform you that this year we were able to publish three issues of AnthroVision. The last one came out just now.

Vol. 8.1 | 2020 Collaboration, Mediation, and Comparison (

Vol. 8.2 | 2020 Visual Essays in Post-Digital Habitats (

Vol. 9.1 | 2021 Varia 9.1 (

We thank all the contributors, editors, peer-reviewers and proof readers for their enormous work.

When you are interested to publish an article or an issue, please let us know.

Best wishes

Beate Engelbrecht (director of AnthroVision)

Nadine Wanono (chief editor of AnthroVision)



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