Message posted on 20/12/2022

Candidacy for EASA executive

Dear colleagues, I am sending this message to ask for your support for my candidacy for the EASA executive. The elections are open between today, December 15th, and January 16th, 2023, through this link I am attaching my statement below, and a link to my professional web page. Please, contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or advice to give about my candidacy.

Roger Sansi Roca (University of Barcelona) [image: Roger Sansi Roca]

I am a long-standing member of EASA. I am a member of VANEASA (Visual Anthropology Network) and Co-Founder of ANTART (Art and Anthropology network), which I co-convened for two years. I belong to the local committee that will help organize the next EASA meeting in Barcelona 2024.

I am from Barcelona, but I studied and worked as an anthropologist in different countries: Spain, France, the US, Brazil, and the UK. I have done research in different fields: Religion, History, Art, Mobility, in Europe and the Americas.

If elected, I would like to contribute to three issues in particular: denouncing precarity, both in terms of labour conditions and because of its consequences in the production of knowledge; internationalising EASA further, fostering relations with non-European associations and colleagues, while respecting European national schools; and critically discussing our relationship with other disciplines, beyond the celebration or condemnation of interdisciplinarity.

Nominating member: Marilyn Strathern (Cambridge University); Supporting member: Alberto Corsin Jiménez (Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)

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