Message posted on 05/07/2024

VANEASA network meeting in Barcelona

Dear members of the VANEASA network,

We have scheduled a network meeting during this year’s EASA conference in Barcelona to take place on Wednesday, July 24th from 1:30 pm (directly following our VANEASA invited panel, convened by Angela, Paolo, and Michaela). The meeting will take place in the Seminar of Anthropology, located on the second floor of the Faculty of Geography and History, where the congress takes place.

Since the room is somewhat hard to find, Roger canals will be waiting for you in front of the elevators of the second floor of the faculty.

The network meeting is directly followed , in the same venue, by the editorial board meeting of AnthroVision.

During our VANEASA meeting we will discuss recent developments and events, announce a number of exciting upcoming events, films and publications by our members and we will also communicate a change in our panel of network convenors.

Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible in Barcelona and to our continued conversation,

Michaela, Angela and Paolo

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