EASA membership

Here is where you find out about EASA membership, and you can subscribe here.

Membership benefits

EASA has organised a series of immensely successful conferences, and sponsors the publication of a major international journal and book series. It is looking to diversify its activities during the coming years, to expand and consolidate the work of the Networks and to introduce new scientific activities for the promotion of Social Anthropology as a discipline. We hope you will be with us as we take EASA into the future.

New membership applications will establish membership from January. Applications after the end of August in any year, will be taken as applications for membership in the following calendar year. The membership required in order to convene or present at an EASA biennial, is for the year of the conference, not the year when the panel/paper proposal is made.

What type of membership is right for you?

For Ordinary (full) membership you must possess either a Masters degree (or equivalent) in social anthropology from a European university, or a teaching or research post in social anthropology.

Student membership is for those studying for a Masters or doctorate in social anthropology.

If you are presenting at the conference and hence obliged to join EASA, but are not an anthropologist nor working within anthropology, please apply via the membership application form to request special guest status. Special Guest status is not a membership, so the non-member (conference) registration rates would apply.

EASA is a Charity registered in England and Wales.