EASA network funding

Financial support for EASA network activities

The current funding round is now closed. The Executive committee received 30 applications from 32 networks, applying for a total of €59K (the original planned budget was €40K). The Network funding committee recognised the importance of the EASA networks to the association, and is committed to supporting an active set of network meetings in 2023 after the disruption of Covid. It was therefore decided that just over €54K would be allocated to EASA network activity in 2023.

EASA's Executive Committee has decided to financially support the work of the Association’s Networks in the following way:

PLEASE NOTE: with the ongoing global high inflation making in-person events extremely challenging to plan for, EASA continues to encourage networks to organise virtual events (albeit adding some nodal activity may be possible).

Deadline for application

For funded projects

After the activity