Making Anthropology Matter
October 14-15, 2015
Prague, Vila Lanna

Seminar of the European Association of Social Anthropologists organised in collaboration with the Institute of Ethnology of the Czech Academy of Sciences and the Czech Association of Social Anthropologist.

Members of the European Association of Social Anthropologists and others interested were invited to attend a seminar, held in Prague on October 14-15, 2015 at the occasion of the EASA Annual General Meeting. The seminar, entitled Making Anthropology Matter, was planned as a forum to discuss the role that anthropology as an academic discipline and intellectual endeavour plays and could play in the contemporary European public sphere through its insight into diverse articulations of global economic and cultural dependencies. Some of these themes were mobility, migration and multiculturalism; economic crises, neoliberalism and human economies; and environment, sustainability and responses to climate change.  The event was tied to the current Executive Committee’s priority of strengthening the position of anthropology at different levels across Europe. 

EASA members were invited to address the seminar theme with short statements, serving as a basis for general discussion.  The seminar will resulted in a press conference; a policy paper is being crafted and all presenters will be invited to contribute to a thematic English-language journal publication.

For inquiries contact Hana Cervinkova () or Thomas Hylland Eriksen ().


October 14 (Wednesday)

10:00-11:10  Opening Keynote Session
11:15-12:45  Seminar I
12:45-13:45  Lunch
13:45-15:00  Seminar II
15:00-15:15 Break 
15:15-16:30  Seminar III
16:30-17:00  Coffee Break
17:00-18:00  EASA Annual General Meeting [Agenda (PDF) and previous AGM minutes (PDF)]
18:00-19:00  Wine reception

October 15 (Thursday)

09:00-11:00  Seminar IV
11:00-13:00  Working Session and lunch
13:00-14:00  Press Conference
14:30-16:30  Capacity Building Workshop led by Niko Besnier and Susana Narotzky

Download the full programme (PDF) and the abstracts (PDF).