EASA's online votes

This page serves to record the membership ballots held outside of the AGMs, using an online vote.

October 2017: Motion on Israeli academic institutions in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

EASA members voted in an online poll in overwhelming numbers to express their solidarity with colleagues in occupied Palestinian territories: In support: 830; Not in support: 21; Abstentions: 37. This vote followed the motion tabled at the Stockholm AGM concerning Israeli academic institutions situated in occupied Palestinian territories. The motion called for EASA to express its own opposition to the establishment of academic institutions exclusively serving Israeli citizens, situated within occupied Palestinian territories of the West Bank and to to pledge its own non-cooperation with these institutions; and to express its solidarity with Palestinian academics and students suffering the brunt of these discriminatory policies as well as with the Israeli colleagues of the Israeli Sociological Association and Israeli Anthropological association who oppose the same policies. View the motion.
After the AGM the EASA President received a letter from the Israeli Anthropological Association thanking us for our support and explaining in detail the situation in the Occupied Territories: the letter from the President, Nir Avieli can be seen here.

October 2015: Ballot On The Objects Of The Association

Members were asked to decide on three changes to the membership categories, voting and application process:
(a) doing away with the distinction between the categories of Ordinary Member and Associate Member;
(b) extending voting rights to Student Members;
(c) doing away with the requirement that an application for membership be supported by a current member of the association, or ‘sponsor’.

The results were:

Ballots cast: 202;
Constituency: 1007;
Turnout 20%
Votes in favour: 177;
Votes against: 25

The turnout was comparable to the last few online elections/ballots. The changes have now been put into effect, making the application procedure clearer and more streamlined. The Executive hopes this will make life easier for those joining next year as a consequence of involvement in EASA2016.

More information will follow on this page shortly.