Executive election 2013

The elections for the executive closed on 18th January 2013. Nearly 300 of the eligible 1200 members cast a vote, giving a turnout of just under 25%, which is comparable with the turnout of the last elections.

The results were as follows:

Noel Salazar: 206
Jeanette Edwards: 155
Susana Narotzky: 148
Abdullahi Osman El-Tom: 117
Hana Cervinkova: 115
Jaka Repič: 93
Marianna Betti: 79
Narmala Halstead: 79
Georgiana Gore: 77

The top five will form the new Committee which will preside over the Association until 2015 and be responsible for the preparation of the next conference in Tallinn in 2014.