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Events by the Anthropology of Humanitarianism Network


Intersections of Humanitarianism, AHN workshop
01-03 November 2019, Goettingen

CALL FOR PAPERS: In this workshop, we will focus on what sort of hybrids emerge when, instead of maintaining its boundaries, humanitarianism intersects with other ways of thinking and acting. What kind of politics does this enable or prevent (cf. Feldman 2018)? What types of social dynamics, positions, and exclusions take place in such cases?
We invite papers that explore the following five thematic strands:

  • 1. Humanitarianism and voluntarism: What happens when humanitarianism becomes intertwined with vernacular ideas about how to help others (including activism, solidarity, or charity)?
  • 2. Humanitarianism and military: how is the relationship between humanitarian aid and the use of military force evolving in the context of transnational securitization and border management?
  • 3. Humanitarianism and development: How do large-scale humanitarian initiatives relate to developmental projects?
  • 4. Humanitarianism and human rights: How does humanitarianization of state politics and human rights look like?
  • 5. Humanitarianism and religion: Which moral configurations emerge as part of humanitarian projects and how are they related to religious orders?

If you are interested in presenting your research during the workshop, please send an abstract of 200 words to ahn.easa(at)gmail.com as well as a 100-words-bio by 30 June 2019. The workshop is open to the public. Download the call for papers here