WWNA Satellite Events

EASA Applied Anthropology Network WWNA Satellite Events

What is a Satellite Event?

- one-off event endorsed by EASA Applied Anthropology Network (AAN)
- a tool to join the mission of making anthropology accessible in different settings

- a gathering that benefits from WWNA name and the elements of original format
- an action that is independently organized by volunteers
- a happening that targets audiences in different countries and sectors of applied anthropology

How does it work?

The organization of WWNA-branded Satellite event is based on the successful Application submitted to EASA Applied Anthropology Network. If approved, the Application will lead to a License and Organization Pack with some useful resources including how-to tips, templates and slides. In return, EASA AAN will use existing communication channels for the successful promotion of the event and pool the resources of its extended network.

Step by step

  1. Learn more in Satellite Event Guide Book
  2. Submit the Application Form
  3. Use the Satellite Event Pack to promote it locally
  4. Sign the License Agreement together with SE Manager

Past Satellite Events

2020: Why Romania Needs Anthropologists: Teaching Applied Anthropology (Bucharest, online)

2019: Why Corporate Innovation Needs Anthropologists: Health Edition (Lisbon, Portugal)

2019: Why Romania Needs Anthropologists: On Mental Health (Bucharest, Romania)

Satellite Event Manager

SE Manager is responsible for coordinated development of Satellite Events around the world. She assists local teams to successfully curate and implement the event.