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Members of the Energy Anthropology Network

Simone Abram (network co-ordinator)
Nathalie Ortar (network co-ordinator)
Tristan Loloum (network secretary)
Aleksandra Lis (network manager)
Ana Isabel Afonso
Catherine Alexander
Mike Anusas
Sophie Bouly de Lesdain
Delphine Burguet
Ben Campbell
Roberto Cantoni
Jamie Cross
Martin Epsig
Natasa Gregorio
Mette High
Sophie Hou
Kärg Kama
Elisabeth Moolenaar
Raminder Kaur
Agete Kosik
John McNeish
Isabelle Moussaoui
Sarah Pink
Leonie Reins
Matthäus Rest
Felix Ringel
Yorbana Seign-Gowra
Hélène Subrèmon
Anna Szolucha
Gisa Weszkalnys
Tanja Winther
Brit Ross
Marton Fabok
Ingmar Lippert
Martin Espin