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Workshop of EASA´s Europeanist Network:
Overlappping crises in Europe (or a never-ending crisis)
Instituto de Ciências Sociais, Universidade de Lisboa
2-3 November 2023

Keynote speakers:
Susana Narotzky, Professor of Social Anthropology, Universitat de Barcelona
Keith Hart, Professor of Anthropology Emeritus, Goldsmiths, University of London

Paper proposals (title, affiliation and 250 words abstract):
Call for Papers ends 30 June 2023

This workshop aims to examine the concept of crisis, providing a holistic perspective, and approaches crises as interconnected remerging conditions. For more than a decade, public discourse has been focused on various crises, while at the same time, social scientists are trying to analyse these phenomena – e.g., the (ongoing) financial crisis of 2008, the European migration crisis since 2015, and, more recently, the COVID-19 related sanitary crisis and the so-called housing crisis across Europe. Currently, war is ongoing in the heart of Europe, hand in hand with an energy crisis. Simultaneously, a potential food crisis is also in the horizon; and a new war between Greece and Turkey could re-establish the borders of Europe (and the European Economic Area [EEA]). The prevailing ongoing, overlapping crises (Capello 2020; Spyridakis 2013), calls for a discussion of the interweaved patterns.

The 2023 EuroNet workshop invites presentations based on ethnographic research on crisis, a crisis that is not seen as an event or period of time, but as a chronic condition that creates new normalities (Knight 2019; 2021), and that is interrelated with each other. Some of the questions (but not limited to these) that we propose are:

Moreover, we are interested in whether policies and governance are interconnected (or, in some cases, are not) in Europe and if these reactions and events contribute to enhancing a European identity and solidarity.

The workshop is scheduled as an in-person event and all the participants should be (or become) members of EuroNet. EuroNet and EASA can also partially cover the cost of travel and accommodation for PhD students who do not have a scholarship and other researchers who prove the need for support and are EASA members. If you belong to these categories, please also send a brief statement (maximum 70 words) with your abstract describing your situation.

Patrícia Ferraz de Matos (ICS – Universidade de Lisboa)
Panas Karampampas (Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences)

Call for Papers (PDF version)



Anthropological Pathways and Crossings
Knowledge Production and Transfer in and beyond Europe

21-22 July 2021

A joint Virtual Conference of EASA's Europeanist Network (EuroNet) and History of Anthropology Network (HOAN).

Download the programme PDF

Told and Untold Stories in Europeanist Anthropology/Ethnology
6-8 December 2019
Europeanist network’s 2019 mid-term meeting in Natural Science Museum, Prahova, Romania

The goal of this workshop was to investigate told and untold stories in Europeanist research, from the beginning of anthropological inquiries to today’s challenges. By looking at modalities of doing anthropology not within the mainstream, i.e. the acknowledged four major ways (Barth et al. 2005), aim was to explore 'peripheral traditions’ by paying attention to overlooked national histories of the discipline, and their particular developments today.

In partnership with University of Bucharest and Transilvania University, Brașov

Panel 060 at EASA2016 in Milan: Themes in the history of anthropology and ethnology in Europe
Convenors: Andrés Barrera-González (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Han F. Vermeulen (Max Planck Institute of Social Anthropology)

Europeanist Network at EASA 2014,Tallinn:

P059 Topics in the social history of anthropology
P004 Tourism in (post)socialist Eastern Europe

There was also an impromptu initiative to summon an off programme debate under the label “Urgent Anthropology” on the theme: “Reflections on the South Sudan and Ukraine Civil Conflicts. Scholarly, ethical and deontological implications for anthropologists’ professional practice”.
Moderator: Andrés Barrera
Presentations by Abdullahi Osman El-Tom, Günther Schlee and Chris Hann.

Vivid open debate originated among participants, presenters and the public alike, on the topics under discussion. This is a new format which may be adopted in the programme of future EASA conferences.

The Nomadism of Social Anthropologists
EASA network conference held together with the Border Crossings Network conference,
Bucharest, Romania, 26-27 April 2013

Forty years of Europeanist Research
EASA Europeanist network meetingheld together with the journal Ethnologie Française.Nanterre, France, 21-22June 2011
Download EF-EASA conference program (PDF)

The Humanities in Spain and Europe.Challenges and Opportunities of the European Convergence in Higher Education and Research
Funded by the Spanish Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (HUM2007-31209-E; EDU2009-06486-E). Universidad de Madrid, Residencia de Estudiantesdel CSIC, 23-25, March 2010.  URL:

Anthropology in Spain and Europe.Facing the Challenges of European Convergence in Higher Education and Research.State of the Art in the Fields of Socio-Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology
Funded by the Spanish Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (SEJ2007-31209-E). Universidad de Madrid, Residencia de Estudiantesdel CSIC, 2-6 September 2008.
Download Madrid08 conference program 

Anthropology in Europe: Facing the Challenges of European Convergence in Higher Education and in Research. A Review of the Fields of Socio-Cultural Anthropology and Ethnolog
A Wenner-Gren Foundation workshop (Grant INIT 60).
Université de Paris X, Nanterre, 25-27 October 2007. 
Download WG conference programme
Download WG conference report

Towards an Anthropology of Europe: Studying Europe Using Anthropology’s Methodology. A Multi-university Teaching Course and Research Programme
A European Science Foundation ‘exploratory workshop’ (EW03-164). 
Litomysl, Czech Republic, 1-5 September 2004. 
Download ESFew Final Programme 
Download ESFew Scientific Report