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Online Filmmaking Workshop with IMPRINT Documentary Collective

Dear all, I wanted to pass on information for an upcoming practical documentary filmmaking workshop which may be of interest to some. Thank you, Erica


Embodied Documentary Filmmaking is a creative process developed as part of IMPRINT Documentary Collective's research exploring the convergence of the body, somatic practices and experimental filmmaking in documentary. In this immersive and practical workshop, participants will join an international cohort of 10 filmmakers to delve into their own personal narratives, integrating the stories of their own bodies into the filmmaking process to create emotional and authentic 3 - 10 minute short documentaries or experimental films on the theme the stories our bodies hold.

During the workshop, we will create films by moving through the main stages of documentary filmmaking through an embodied lens:

  • Pre-Production ideation: How can our bodies somatically, sensorially, and emotionally inform the stories we want to tell through film?
  • Directing: What informed creative and political choices do we make as directors on how we tell our own stories?
  • Shooting: How do we position or visualise the body, or create a representation of the body, with a camera?
  • Editing: How do we construct bodily-informed, intuitive, and alternative narrative structures for our films?
  • Distribution: Where do we want our films to be seen, and what social and personal impact do we want our films to have?

TICKETS Up to 10 spaces on the workshop are available on a sliding scale basis at the link below: Book your spot here

This workshop will consist of four, two hour meetings from 7-9 PM BST: (05/03/2024) Introduction to Embodied Documentary (12/03/2024) Experimenting with embodied documentary techniques (19/03/2024) Reviewing footage and edits (26/03/2024) Screening of final films

This workshop is suitable for anyone who has basic knowledge of using their own camera and editing software. This workshop is for gender minority participants.

ABOUT IMPRINT IMPRINT Documentary Collective is a feminist film collective focusing on embodiment and the body in documentary film. Founded in 2021, IMPRINT delivers workshops, productions, and screenings to collectively experiment with the theme of embodiment as a process for making films. Our collaborations both within the film industry and local communities have allowed us to reach a wide audience on the potential of embodied documentary, and our goal is to broaden the representation of marginalised storytellers by using the documentary medium as an act of radical and empathic resistance through the lens of the body politic.

Find us online @imprint.documentaries

-- IMPRINT Documentary Collective Embodied Documentary Filmmaking @imprint.documentaries

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