Message posted on 18/04/2024

13th KRATFEST – The International Festival of Ethnological Documentary Films Kratovo Macedonia

Respected friends and colleagues. We are pleased to inform you that the submissions of the films for the 13th edition of KRATFEST 2024 are open. Please visit our website      and send your film.

As one of many international ethnological/anthropological festivals KRATFEST aims to promote visual ethnology/anthropology, to present different approaches to ethnological/anthropological film-making, and to animate dialogue between the authors and spectators. But what makes KTARFEST so unique and special is the anti-established way of watching, choosing, and considering films. We are interested in Your Field – Your Subject, Your way of creating the Story, Your Place of film making and recording, Your issues and the decision You made to create Your own story, no matter if You are a student or an highly-experienced film maker. We have no separate sections divided between amateurs, students, recordings, and professional films.Show us Your Field and You in the Field.All the bestVladimir Bocevchairman of the organizing commee


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