Precanthro report


Before the EASA board meeting in February, the two former PrecAnthro liaisons Sabine Strasser and Georgeta Stoica met with Martin Fotta and Mariya Ivancheva (who is now to replace Sabine Strasser as a second PrecAnthro liaison). The meeting involved close reading of the data of the survey, which will be analysed in detail and a report will be prepared over summer. This was also a chance to discuss some future steps for the board that are priority of the PrecAnthro network, and which were part of Mariya Ivancheva's collective nomination and mandate within the EASA board: the questions of authorship and employment relations within big project, recruitment processes and intra-European inequalities in the discipline. These will now be integrated within the broader lobbying strategy of the EASA board which Georgeta Stoica and Mariya Ivancheva will be crafting in consultation with the board over the next year.