CoverTitle: THE ANTHROPOLOGICAL CAREER IN EUROPE: A complete report on the EASA membership survey


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Summary: This report presents the results of the survey conducted among EASA members in 2018. The survey was a collaboration between EASA and the PrecAnthro Collective, whose members have worked together and mobilised since 2016 to raise awareness about the challenges of developing an academic career in anthropology. The themes explored in the survey reflect existing academic research on changes to the academic profession and the casualisation of labour in Europe and beyond. The survey enquired into the extent to which and how trends already documented in other disciplines, and in academia as a whole, affect anthropologists. These trends include a growing division between research and teaching, the deprofessionalisation of academic labour through multiple contract types, the imperatives of international mobility and cyclical fundraising, and weak labour unions. This report captures overall trends as well as regional differences in the anthropological profession in Europe.

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  1. Acknowledgements
  2. Executive summary
  3. Background
  4. Methodology and the research sample
  5. Basic characteristics of EASA survey participants
  6. Employment and academic career
  7. Combining work and private lives
  8. Mobility
  9. Workplace
  10. Discrimination
  11. Representation of interests
  12. Conclusions and recommendations