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Call for Contributions

The Newsletter of the Anthropology of Economy Network is published three times a year and is distributed through the Network’s mailing list. It is also available for download on the Network webpage. The purpose of the Newsletter is to inform on research, publication, teaching and other activities of Network members and collaborators and in this way stimulate cooperation, facilitate exchange and contribute to ongoing discussions and emerging interests in economic anthropology.

All network members are encouraged to contribute to the Newsletter. Ideally, contributions should be worded in their final form (i.e. the text can be copy and pasted directly into the newsletter); only light editing will be provided. The newsletter editor will let you know if anything is missing. Submissions should not exceed 250 words. Contact details are required; photos, illustrations or links to webpages containing further information are welcome.

The Newsletter is published in English. Announcements about events taking place in other languages are welcome, provided that the Newsletter announcements are in English. The section “Recent publications” welcomes references in all languages.

Please send your contributions or address any questions regarding the Newsletter to Detelina Tocheva (tocheva.detelina(at)gmail.com). For more information about the AoE Network see https://www.easaonline.org/networks/economy/

All network members are encouraged to send contributions to the following sections: