Student paper award for the anthropology of food

We are very happy to announce the call for the EASA Award for the Student Paper Awards in the Anthropology of Food. These awards have been set up by the EASA Anthropology of Food network to encourage anthropological research into food among emerging scholars. Masters and early doctoral students in anthropology, or closely related disciplines, who are involved in the study of food are invited to submit their papers for consideration.

The deadline for submission is 1 February, 2024.

Please see the candidate eligibility rules below.

The submissions will be adjudicated by a panel of three scholars engaged with the anthropology of food: Dr Michele Filippo Fontefrancesco (Università di Scienze Gastronomiche), Dr Zofia Boni (Adam Mickiewicz University/University of Oxford), and Dr Robin Smith (Copenhagen Business School).

The winning paper will receive feedback from the judges and network conveners, in preparation for submission to a journal. Moreover, the information about the award-winning paper and its author will be promoted within and beyond the EASA Food Network.

Candidate eligibility:
Candidates must be in a Master’s program in Anthropology, or a similar discipline, at a European university, or have graduated from a Master’s programme less than two years ago; or be currently in the first two years of their PhD in a relevant discipline.
Students registered at or awarded a degree by a university outside of Europe will be eligible to apply if they are current members of EASA. Proof of EASA membership must be included with the submission.

Paper submission criteria:

Judging criteria
The adjudicating committee will look for papers that:

We would like to invite programme conveners, teachers and supervisors to disseminate the information about this award among their Masters and Doctoral students, and encourage students to apply.

Previous Awards for a Postgraduate Student Paper in the Anthropology of Food:

3rd award (2021)
2nd award (2020)
1st award (2019)