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Regional networks in medical anthropology

‘Apply’ - network
Description: UK based Association of Social Anthropologists network of applied anthropologists. The network includes many medical anthropologists as members, but is not solely about medical anthropology.
Contact: Co-convenor: Rachel Gooberman-Hill, R.
URL: www.theasa.org/networks/apply.shtml
Mailing list:

Medical Anthropology at Home network (MAAH)
Description: MAAH is a network of medical anthropologists who do research in their own culture and society. The network’s aim is to bring together medical anthropologists in order to discuss theoretical, methodological and practical issues in relation to health and culture.(for further details please consult webpage through link below).
Scientific committee: Josep Comelles (Spain), Sylvie Fainzang (France), Bernhard Hadolt (Austria), Mette Bech Risor (Norway).
Contact: convenor Sylvie Fainzang
URL: www.vjf.cnrs.fr/maah
(other webpages are created for each particular conference of the network).  
Mailing list:

Nordic Anthropology of Health and Medicine (NAHM-NET)
Description: Network consisting of medical Anthropologists from or working in the Nordic countries (anthropology at home), but also medical anthropologists from other countries have joined conferences organised by the network. Was initiated in 1999 and has organised seven conferences on a biennial basis. Conference venues and organisers circulate between the Nordic countries. The email list disseminates information on conferences, seminars and publications.
Contact: current convenors Marja-LiisaHonkasalo, and Susanne Ådahl,
Mailing list:nahm-net(AT)medisin.uio.no

Network on sacral healing
Description:deals with medical anthropological issues in context of anthropology of religious, spiritual and sacred healing implying phenomenology,epistemology, hermeneutics. Established in 2005 as a network and accepted as an official network of EASA in 2007.
Contact: convenor: Imre Lazar, l
Mailing list:

Regional (country specific) networks in medical anthropology


Austrian Ethnomedical Society
Description: the network has 102 members (from Austria, Germany, France, UK, Netherlands, Romania, Japan, Israel, USA) and was founded 1978; publishes the "Viennese Ethnomedicine Newsletter" (since 1996) and runs the "Collection Ethnomedicine".
Contact: president Ruth Kutalek,
URL:  www.univie.ac.at/ethnomedicine
Mailing list:

Wiener DialogederMedizinanthropologie
Description: loose discussion group of Medical Anthropologists from Austria, no formal membership, been running since 2012.
Contact: Stephan Kloos , Eva-Maria Knoll , Ruth Kutalek
Mailing list:

EthnomedizinischerLateinamerikaArbeitskreis (EMLAAK)
Description: Vienna based association
Mailing list:


Anthropologie Médicale Appliquée au Développementet à la Santé (AMADES)
Description: Disseminates information, organises seminars and conferences. Is at the origin of the creation of the International journal Anthropologie & Santé, Editor in Chief Sylvie Fainzang.
Contact: president Laurent Vidal, for Amades; for the Journal.
URL: amades.hypotheses.org for Amades; anthropologiesante.revues.org for the Journal Anthropologie & Santé
Mailing list:

Association Française de Sociologie / RT19 Santé, Médecine, Maladie et Handicap
(RT 19 is a medical network)


AG (=Working Group) Medical Anthropology Germany (DGV)
Description: Part of the German Anthropologist Association. Disseminates information on Call for Papers, conferences, job listings and funding for research. Vignette on the working group: www.tandfonline.com/toc/canm20/current
Chairs:  Thamar Klein, ; Kristine Krause,
URL: www.medicalanthropology.de/English/start.html
Mailing list:

Arbeitskreis ("Research Area") Medical Antropology at Freie 

Universität Berlin, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology
URL: www.polsoz.fu-berlin.de/ethnologie/arbeitsstellen/medical_anthropology/index.html
Contact person: Hansjörg Dilger; hansjoerg.dilger(AT)berlin.de

AGEM (ArbeitsgemeinschaftEthnomedizin) = working-group „Ethnomedizin“ / medical anthropology
Description: Was founded in 1970 and edits two journals one of which is Curare. ZeitschriftfürMedizinethnologie / Curare.Journal of Medical Anthropology. The journal publishes in German and English, French résumés, and was founded in 1978.
URL: www.agem-ethnomedizin.de/index.php/medizinethnologie-ethnomedizin-medical-anthropology.html
Contact: EkkehardSchröder (Schroeder), AGEM-Curare Office, Redaktion Curare, c/o EkkehardSchröder, Spindelstrasse 3, D-14482 Potsdam
Tel: ++49-331-7044 681
Fax: ++49 331 7044 682

Mailing list:


Network of the Italian Society for Medical Anthropology (SIAM)
President: Prof.TullioSeppilli


Medical Anthropology Network
URL: cria.org.pt/site/investigacao-e-desenvolvimento/nucleos-de-pesquisa/13-nucleo-de-antropologia-da-saude-.html
Contact: Chiara Pussetti, ; Elisabeth Challinor,
Mailing list:

Description: The group was founded in 2010. Its aim is to bring together researchers (MA students, Doctoral students, post-doctoral researchers, adjunct professors, professors) in Portugal and the lusophone world (Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Guiné-Bissau, etc) working in the area of medical anthropology and the anthropology of health or other topics related to medical anthropology (religion, death, humanitarian issues, migration, medical technology, mental health). The purpose of the mailing list is to disseminate information on conferences, seminars, congresses, book launches, Call for Papers, job offers linked to the above mentioned themes.
Mailing list: to subscribe: antropologia_medica-subscribe(AT)yahoogrupos.com.br


SACUDA, network administered by the University of Leida
Convenor: Albert Roca i Alvarez,
Mailing list:

REDAM, network administered by the University of Tarragona, Spain
Convenor: Josep M. Comelles,
Mailing list:


Medical Anthropology Switzerland (MAS SEG)
URL: www.seg-sse.ch/de/commissions/mas.shtml or www.seg-sse.ch/fr/commissions/mas.shtml
Mailing list:


Medical anthropology research group (MARG), Durham university
Contact: Vicki McGowan (list maintenance person),
URL: www.dur.ac.uk/anthropology/research/marg/