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Events of the Anthropology of Security Network


Meeting: The making of peace, conflict and security: the dynamics of inclusion and exclusion
Anthropology of Security network held a joint meeting with the The Peace and Conflict studies in Anthropology network (PACSA) in Amsterdam, 28-30 August. The conference had more than 150 participants, attending 20 panels.

Workshop: Spaces of Security
Maynooth, Ireland from 24 - 27th April 2016
URL: www.maynoothuniversity.ie/anthropology/events/spaces-security-wenner-gren-workshop-25-28-april-2016

Network members, alongside the well-known anthropologist Seth Low, received Wenner-Gren Foundation funding for this workshop. The workshop included participants such as Setha Low, Joseph Masco, Daniel Goldstein, Catherine Lutz and Katherine Verdery, Zoltan Gluck, Mark Maguire (host) and others.

Panel: Spaces of security Panel in cooperation with EASA's PACSA network at EASA2016 in Milan
Convenors Nils Zurawski (Universität Hamburg) Alexandra Schwell (University of Hamburg) email Silja Klepp (University of Bremen)
URL: http://nomadit.co.uk/easa/easa2016/panels.php5?PanelID=4047

Panel: Bodies of evidence, experts, and intimacy in the anthropology of security EASA conference in Tallinn 2014
URL: www.nomadit.co.uk/easa/easa2014/panels.php5?PanelID=3135

The successes of the activities and discussions in our 2013 workshop (see below) led us to organize a panel at EASA 2014 in Tallinn on “Bodies of evidence, experts, and intimacy in the anthropology of security”.

Contributors included Gregory Feldman (Simon Fraser University) on “law, ethics, and an undercover police surveillance team”; “Human trafficking: the pivotal role played by the victims” by Desirée Pangerc (CIELS University Campus); “Suspicious bodies: camouflaged legality and tactics of security on the Argentina-Paraguay border” a paper by Ieva Jusionyte (University of Florida), and “Securitized immigration and the laboring body in the United States” by Daniel Goldstein (Rutgers University). There followed two papers on detention: “How serious is it?” Managing heavy diseases in a French immigration detention center” by Nicolas Fischer (Centre d’étude du droit et des institutions pénales), and Welcome to the myopticon: uncertain surveillance, removability and care in the Danish asylum system” by Zachary Whyte (University of Copenhagen); then Monika Weissensteiner’s paper “Evidence of pain: medico-legal expertise on torture within asylum proceedings”. The programme closed with presentations by Catarina Frois, Alexandra Schwell, Nadja Maurer, and Mark Maguire.

Network Meeting at EASA conference in Tallinn 2014.

During EASA 2014 we held a network meeting attended by dozens of interested anthropologists and several members of the PACSA- Peace and Conflict Studies in Anthropology network interested in future collaborations. We agreed to explore a number of new avenues of research (partly in collaboration), set up a listserve and web presence.

Bodies of Evidence – December 10, 2013
Participants: Christina Garsten (Stockholm), Nils Zurawski (Hamburg), Mark Maguire (NUIM), Christopher Farrands (Nottingham), Ursula Rao (Leipzig), Giovanni Ercolani (Nottingham), Zachary Whyte (Copenhagen)
Keynote: Jean Comaroff, Alfred North Whitehead Professor of African and African American Studies and of Anthropology, Oppenheimer Research Fellow, Harvard University

Securing Europe: Anthropological Perspectives – March 28-9, 2011(Sponsored by the IRCHSS)Participants: Gregory Feldman (Simon Frazer), Susana Durão (ICS/UL), Daniel Goldstein (Rutgers) Ines Hasselberg (Sussex), Nicolas Fischer (CNRS), Catarina Frois (Lisbon)