2014 Subscriptions

Evva Berglund

Direct debits
Those of you who have a direct debit agreement set up will be debited and then receipted for your 2014 subs on or around 1 February, as per your existing instructions.  If your subs rate or bank information has changed you will receive a separate email from us confirming the new details.

If you have a UK bank account and do not have a direct debit with us but would like to set one up, you can access the form here.

Futurepay agreements
Those of you who have have previously set up a Futurepay agreement will also be debited automatically on the 1st of February, unless you have recently received an email to say that your agreement has expired. If your agreement has expired, we will send out an invoice in the coming weeks for you to set up a new agreement or pay by one of the other alternative methods.

If by any chance you wish to cancel your Futurepay agreement, cancel your membership or have any other queries please email:

All other members will be invoiced over the coming week, but if you wish to pay now before the new term starts and your inboxes fill to overflowing once more, you can log in to Cocoa and settle what is owing for 2014. We thank you in advance for your prompt payment now, or on receipt of your invoice.