Results from e-vote on Constitutional changes to the Objects of the Association

BallottThe EASA Executive proposed three changes to the membership categories, voting and application process. A letter to members invited feedback by mid-September. An online vote on these proposals was organized which ended 28th October.

The e-vote asked members to decide on the following proposed changes:
(a) doing away with the distinction between the categories of Ordinary Member and Associate Member;
(b) extending voting rights to Student Members;
(c) doing away with the requirement that an application for membership be supported by a current member of the association, or ‘sponsor’.

The results of the vote are as follows:

Ballots cast: 202;
Constituency: 1007;
Turnout 20%
Votes in favour: 177;
Votes against: 25

The turnout was comparable to the last few online elections/ballots. The changes have now been put into effect, making the application procedure clearer and more streamlined. The Executive hopes this will make life easier for those joining next year as a consequence of involvement in EASA2016.