Election results

As at 25th January 2013

Candidate Votes
Noel Salazar 206
Jeanette Edwards 155
Susana Narotzky 148
Abdullahi Osman El-Tom 117
Hana Cervinkova 115
Jaka Repič 93
Marianna Betti 79
Narmala Halstead 79
Georgiana Gore 77

During the first meeting of the new Executive Committee in Tallin (February 14-17th, 2013), Noel Salazar was elected as the new President and Jeanette Edwards as Vice-President of EASA (both unanimously). Mark Maguire (co-editor of the Journal) was co-opted into the Executive committee and Rachael Gooberman-Hill (Treasurer) and Alberto Corsín Jiménez (Secretary), who were appointed in Nanterre, began their term of office.

The new Executive Committee (2011-2013)
Noel Salazar (President)
Jeanette Edwards (Vice-President)
Hana Cervinkova
Adullahi El-Tom
Susana Narotzky
Mark Maguire (Co-editor Social Anthropology|Anthropologie Sociale)
Rachael Gooberman-Hill (Treasurer)
Alberto Corsín Jiménez (Secretary)