News from EASA members and WCAA associations

Wenner-Gren Fund Institutional Development grants
These support the growth and development of anthropological doctoral programs in countries where the discipline is under-represented and where there are limited resources for academic development.  First deadline 15th May.


A new global organisation "Antropologos Sem Fronteiras" registered in Brazil
A new global organisation "Antropologos Sem Fronteiras" registered in Brazil
ASF has arisen out of WCAA meetings and discussions. Read the opening announcement (PDF).


Finnish Anthropology Conference 2013
Culture, creativity and performativity
16th -17th of May 2013, University of Tampere, Finland
The Finnish Anthropology Conference 2013 looks at the multiple dimensions of creativity and performativity, as well as at their global connections. We invite participants to focus on the creative, expressive and improvisatory aspects of everyday life on the one hand, and on the social embeddedness of all expressive forms on the other. Also rituals, the connections between memory, landscape and the body as well as performativity as consequential action, among others, are welcome themes. See site.

PhD studentships
The Department of Anthropology at the University of Aberdeen has four new PhD studentships to offer in the field of Anthropology with Art, Architecture and Design. See website. The deadline for applications is Friday May 17th, and the studentships will be for three years from 1st October 2013. 


Tunisian Association of Anthropology
4th International Symposium of Biological and Cultural Anthropology
18-20 December 2013 , Tunisia
The Arabic language and its peoples
For more info email:


Anthropology Southern Africa Annual Conference
Mutuality and its Limits
Hosted by the Wits Anthropology Department
6-8 September 2013, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

Preliminary call for papers and panels: How do people take others into account? What do we find interesting in other lives, and how do they become valuable, trivial, threatening, obscure or puzzling to us? How do our capacities for recognizing other lives depend on the work of particular kinds of social forms, relations, mediations and representations? A renewed interest in these elementary questions about mutuality has produced a wealth of new thinking in the humanities and human sciences in recent years. Questions about the conditions and the limits of mutuality are also of major importance for our understanding of pressing issues to do with inequality, solidarity, hospitality and violence.

Please send proposals for papers or for panels to the organizers by 1 June 2013. Proposals should include name, affiliation, paper/panel title and an abstract of no more than 250 words. For panel proposals, please include a list of prospective participants if these have already been identified. Proposals should be sent to .


Other conferences
See also the list of conferences in the right side of the site homepage.