Message posted on 14/11/2023

MoMO #7 Lecture already available at YouTube

Dear colleagues,

For those we could not attend the wonderful presentation by Luis Eduardo Pe= rez Murcia and Sara Bonfanti last week, the recording is already available = in our AnthroMob YouTube dedicated channel:

We are in the process of scheduling the Moving Mobilities Online seminars f= or 2024. If your research aligns with the interests of AnthroMob, we would = be very happy to hear from you. Whether your work deals with issues related= to transportation, migration, tourism, urban mobility, or any other aspect= of mobility studies, and whether you are an early career or more experienc= ed researcher, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Our aim is to cura= te a diverse and engaging series of seminars that showcase the breadth and = depth of research within our network.

Kind regards, Team ANTHROMOB

Flavia Cangi=E0 (U. Fribourg) Maarja Kaaristo (Manchester Metropolitan U.) Diana Mata-Codesal (U. Barcelona)

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EASA Anthropology and Mobility Network (ANTHROMOB)

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