18th EASA Biennial Conference
EASA2024: Doing and Undoing with Anthropology
University of Barcelona, 23-26 July 2024.

The 18th EASA2024 biennial conference will be taking place in the Department of Anthropology of Universitat de Barcelona (UB). EASA2024 will be a dual conference, with a face-to-face week and an online only, separate day. Based on our estimates, it will attract around 2000 face to face delegates, with another 800 or so joining on the online day. The delegate base will consist of academics across a wide range of European anthropological practices. Read more about the conference theme. The Book Exhibit will be located near the cafeteria in the university building. 

NOTE! Because on most conference days half the day is spent in the Maritime Museum, we have reduced our publisher rates to reflect the potentially smaller footfall during the conference. The exact time will be reflected in the programme. Please take note of this before booking a table.

Publishers and other exhibitors can choose one or more of the following options:

Participation with single display table (~1.2m x 0.7m) - full access for one staff member to panels & events and a single display table. Charge - €350

Participation with double display table (~2.4m x 0.7m) - full access to panels & events for two staff members and a double display table. Charge - €540

Email ad - One promotional email from your company sent to all conference delegates by the conference organisers. It will be sent to delegates the week before the conference begins. Please provide your email in a responsive-design, HTML format if possible. Charge - €200

How to book

To book exhibition space or an email ad at EASA2024, please email conference@easaonline.org and specify the type of participation required (number of staff and display tables required); we shall then contact you with instructions on how your staff members attending the event should register in our system. If interested, they will also be able to book tickets to attend the conference party (a separate cost).

Please note:

we do NOT offer unstaffed displays - experience shows that you do not get to really market your company and simply lose your stock. We would have to pay a student to mind your stand, so the cost would rise, and while very able, students are not trained in marketing and are not grounded in your company profile. Come along and meet your client base!

we do NOT offer insertion of ads/catalogues in delegate packs - experience shows that the clutter in a delegate bag is quickly junked, and rarely placed into a recycling bin. This will also have environmental benefits.

Delivery deadline & address

Deliveries can only be received between 24 June and 22 July for EASA 2024. Please mark all parcels with delivery labels as follows:


EASA 2024
(Name of Company)
Facultat de Geografia i Història
Departament d'Antropologia Social
Universitat de Barcelona
Montalegre 6
08001 Barcelona

There is no charge for storage. All users are responsible for ensuring collection of their own products after the conference.

Setting up stalls

Please try to set up on Monday 22 July to take advantage of the first day's registration period. If at all possible, please also avoid taking the stand down before the final panel session on Friday 26 July.

If you have any further enquiries about the conference please contact conference@easaonline.org