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Anthropology of Race and Ethnicity

Background of the network
The network for the anthropology of race and ethnicity was established in the winter of 2014. It aims to bring together anthropologists working on processes of racialization and ethnic identification, including for instance citizenship, (post-)colonialism, multiculturalism, genetics, technology, the state, (trans-)nationalism, or popular culture. The network also aims to further enhance and deepen (self-)critical understandings of race and ethnicity in anthropology.

Network theme
From its complicity in European imperialism and scientific racism to the self-reflective re-evaluation of the discipline in the 20th century, anthropology has had had a long engagement with issues of race and ethnicity. Today, race and ethnicity continue to be important issues in anthropological work. This network aims to bring anthropologists working on these and related issues into conversation, as well as to underline the continued importance of anthropological perspectives on race and ethnicity.

The network is convened by Markus Balkenhol (Meertens Instituut), markus.balkenhol(at)meertens.knaw.nl; Jasmijn Rana (University of Leiden), r.rana(at)fsw.leidenuniv.nl; Damani Partridge (University of Michigan), djpartri(at)umich.edu; and Katharina Schramm (University of Bayreuth), Katharina.Schramm(at)uni-bayreuth.de.

Mailing list
The Anthropology of Race and Ethnicity uses a mailing list to facilitate the exchange of information among network participants. Network participants share information on issues relating to the anthropological study of race and ethnicity such as events, publications, jobs, etc., or can ask for information through this list. Both EASA members and non-members are invited to join the network.

Apply for membership Participants are strongly encouraged to join EASA.

You can subscribe (or unsubscribe) to the mailing list here. Once subscribed, you can send messages by simply emailing