The European Network for Digital Anthropology

The European Network for Digital Anthropology (ENDA) aims to provide a space and connections for scholars of all career levels bringing together interests ranging from digital heritage, energy, big data, social media, artificial intelligence, sensory and multimodal anthropology, digital visual communication, digital economies and inequalities and algorithmic governance. ENDA is a community of researchers who can share diverse theoretical approaches, methodologies and methods of researching digital anthropology; approaches that will adapt alongside the rapidly changing digital landscape and people who build and inhabit them.

Anthropologists based in Europe have been at the forefront of scholarship, grounded research and public engagement in digital anthropology and have endeavoured to create interdisciplinary ties with fields such as human geography, human-computer interaction, futures studies, digital visual social research, biotechnology, media cultural and critical data studies.

The sub-discipline of digital anthropology has thrived since its emergence in the early 2000s and approaches aiming to better understand the ways in which digital entanglements are core to contemporary social and cultural lives have become more relevant in the wake of the recent pandemic. Social media, smart phones, networked computers, algorithms, and robotics; the digital i.e. that which can be reduced to binary code, has become inseparable from everyday life, place, sense and and meaning-making.

ENDA Philosophy

ENDA aims to foster an inclusive, plurivocal, transdisciplinary space for the discussion of digital phenomena and processes that impact on our techno-social futures thereby providing an important reservoir of expert knowledge for stakeholders and policy-makers.

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