Anthropology of Law, Rights, Politics and Governance (LAW NET)

The network’s members share an interest in how humans and non-humans, communities, institutions, corporations, movements, etc. engage law to address socio-political issues of justice, power, racism, human rights, climate change and global inequalities, for example.

Current legal and political anthropological research examines

To facilitate discussions and the development of exciting, cutting-edge research, LAW NET maintains an active mailing list sharing information on publications, vacancies, funding opportunities and events. In addition to the biannual EASA conference the network holds regular workshops and webinars across Europe.

The network has established close working relations with the following associations and networks: Allegra Lab, Commission on Legal Pluralism, Working Group “Legal and Political Anthropology” of the German Anthropological Association, Association for Political and Legal Anthropology (APLA) of the American Anthropological Association, Law and Social Sciences Research Network (LASSnet), Berliner Arbeitskreis Rechtswirklichkeit (BAR), German Association for Law and Society, Law and Society Association (LSA).


For further information or if you wish to become a member of LawNet please contact Julie Billaud (Graduate Institute Geneva, Switzerland) or Agathe Mora (University of Sussex, UK).