Message posted on 15/11/2023

New book announcement: Anthropological Approaches to Reading Migrant Writing

Dear Mobility Digest editors,

I have trimmed this and am hoping you can now list this announcement. I di= d not include the discount flyer.

Anthropological Approaches to Reading Migrant Writing: Reimagining Ethnogra= phic Methods, Knowledge, and Power Edited By Deborah Reed-Danahay and Helena Wulff This book brings fresh perspectives to the anthropology of migration. It fo= cuses on what migrants write and how anthropologists may incorporate insigh= ts gained from engagement with this writing into research methods and writi= ng practices. This book will serve as important supplemental reading for co= urses on migration, literary anthropology, ethnographic methods, and socioc= ultural anthropology in general. Its interdisciplinary perspective will app= eal to a broad range of scholars and students with interests in migration, = narrative, and anthropological writing genres. ting-Reimagining-Ethnographic/Reed-Danahay-Wulff/p/book/9781032408866#:~:te= xt=3DDescription,research%20methods%20and%20writing%20practices.

20% Discount Available - enter the code EFL02 at checkout* This code expire= s on 01 March 2024.

Thank you again, Deborah Reed-Danahay Professor of Anthropology University at Buffalo

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