The Sensory Media Anthropology Network

Collage: Sensory media anthropology members

The Sensory Media Anthropology Network brings the subfields of media anthropology and sensory anthropology into sustained dialogue, facilitating an integrated theorisation of media and the sensory. It also expands methodological approaches to sensory ethnographic studies of media practices. The network thus acknowledges the importance of studying engagements with media in ways that de-centre media and meaning-making practices in order to engage with sensuous, practical and bodily knowledge.

The network was established in 2023 and grew out of an NOS-HS exploratory workshop. It is open to anyone who would like to join, including scholars from neighbouring fields, students and practitioners. The network aims to be open and accommodating to members who wish to be part of shaping it. The mailing list is open for anyone to post and informal discussions and information-sharing are encouraged. Please feel free to get in touch with ideas, questions and more.

Network convenors: