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Message posted on 23/10/2019

Indigenous Films in Taiwan Cultural Toolkit

Dear List Members,

One of the questions I've received a lot whenever I speak about Indigenous Taiwanese film is "where can I get these films?" Unfortunately distribution has not been great for many of these films, but I'm happy to discover that a number of great fiction and non-fiction films by and about Indigenous Taiwanese people are now available for nonprofit and academic use via Taiwan's Ministry of Culture. Please take a look at the webpage from the Taiwan Cinema Toolkit:


There is also a PDF of the bilingual (Chinese and English) catalog essay available for download here. The essay, "A Hundred Years of Screen Memories: Reviewing Indigenous Cinema in Taiwan" (pp.34-37) was written by Skaya Siku, a member of the Seejiq Truku Nation, from Nantou County with a Ph. D. in visual anthropology. She is a cinematographic researcher and activist specializing in Taiwanese indigenous films.


I have nothing to do with this project, other than wanting to make sure more people know about this great resource!




P. Kerim Friedman 傅可恩

Associate Professor The Department of Ethnic Relations and Cultures College of Indigenous Studies National DongHwa University, TAIWAN 副教授國立東華大學族群關係與文化學系

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