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Conference: Narrating the Multispecies World, CfP - Reminder

Dear Colleagues,

our call for papers for our interdisciplinary, hybrid conference "Narrating
the Multispecies World. Stories in Times of Crises, Loss, Hope" is going to
end soon. Until December 31, 2022, you still have the chance to submit your
paper. The conference will take place from August 3 to 5, 2023, at the
University of Wrzburg, and is organised by the Chair of European Ethnology.

We are looking forward to receiving your proposal with your name and
email-address at: For more
information, please visit:
Please feel free to forward the call to interested parties.

Kind regards from Wrzburg

Victoria Porcu B.A. on behalf of the Chair of European Ethnology

Narrating the Multispecies World. Stories in Times of Crises, Loss, Hope
August 3 to 5, 2023, University of Wrzburg
An interdisciplinary, hybrid conference,
organized by the Chair of European Ethnology

We are living in a multispecies world. Although the world is constantly
changing, this change has accelerated extraordinarily in recent years,
bringing forth substantial and manifold crises. Essentially caused by the
capitalist pervasion of almost every part of our everyday, we are currently
experiencing an increasing loss of diversity, particularly in the
more-than-human world: due to changing circumstances in their original
habitats, numerous living beings such as plants, insects, and mammals
(including humans) migrate all over the world; some of them become extinct,
and others are forced to adapt to new ecologies.
Narrating is a powerful practice. It allows us to understand what happens, and
it enables us to shape the world, particularly in times of crises.
Storytelling can also be seen as a practice of other-than-humans, as
anthropologists Deborah Bird Rose and Thom van Dooren remind us of in their
work. What are the stories of our multispecies world today? Which
observations, needs, desires, dreams, nightmares, aspirations, and ethics are
shared by narrating? Who is narrating which stories for whom, where, when?
What is the role of the past, and which parts of our narrative heritage do we
still maintain? What is the role of multispecies temporalities in narratives?
What are the new powerful stories developing possibilities for a peaceful
cohabitation in the multispecies world?
We are looking for critical scholarly studies and artistic projects focusing
on narratives dealing with the effects of the current crises on the
more-than-human world, particularly those involving more than one single
species. The scope of possible topics is wide and ranges from the extinction
of species, the loss of bio-diversity in the everyday lives, memories of
former ecologies, historical experiences with extinction to present-day
narratives about the returns of species and stories of the living together in
emergent ecologies.
We will work with a broad concept of narrative culture to encompass, in
addition to verbal art, diverse forms, genres, and media such as everyday
narrations, films, fictional texts, multimodal artefacts, photographs, art
installations, collages, inscription into landscapes etc. We invite scholars
of any career level (including students) from different fields such as

* Ecocriticism
* Econarratology
* (Environmental) Humanities
* Multispecies Studies
* Extinction Studies
* Cultural and Social Anthropology, European Ethnology, Visual
Anthropology etc.
* Literary Studies
* Arts and Art History
* History

to contribute to our exploration of the potentials of narratives in the
multispecies world.
Please send your proposal with your name and email-address until December 31,
2022 to:
For more information, please visit:

We can offer up to ten stipends of 500,00 Euros each to cover the cost for
travel and accommodation of accepted speakers. Please inform us whether you
are interested to apply for one of the grants when submitting your proposal.
For those who will participate in person, we request a conference fee of 40,00
Euros for lunches and the conference dinner, and 20,00 Euros for the optional
excursion, for which registration is needed.

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