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TWO POSTDOCTORAL POSITIONS at the University of Barcelona: VISUAL TRUST (ERC – IP: Roger Canals)

Dear all,

This message is to announce the publication of two postdoctoral positions (2-3- years) within the ERC-Consolidator Grant Project VISUAL TRUST: Reliability, accountability and forgery in scientific, religious and social images (IP: Roger Canals, 2021-2026).

This project is funded by the European Research Council. Its main objective is to analyse through a qualitative, comparative and bottom-up approach, the relationships of (mis)trust that individuals from different socio-cultural milieu establish with “social”, “religious” and “scientific” images. This research will be conducted on-line and off-line through audio-visual research methods along the lines of Visual Anthropology and Multi-Modal Anthropology. It will lead to several research outcomes (films, articles, book chapters, among others).

These positions are related to the study of images of outer space and of medical images. Candidates need to have a background in the specific fields (physics/astronomy, medicine/medical research) as well as in Anthropology/Social Sciences/ STS Studies, and in Visual Research. They need to have practical and theoretical knowledge in cinema, photography and image-editing.

Here is the website of the project:

These postdoctoral researchers will be part of a research team based at the Faculty of Geography and History at the University of Barcelona.

Here are the details of the two positions:

- Task 3.1: (Mis)Trust in images of outer space: visual and data-evidence, imagination & knowledge, and the scientific aesthetics.

- (Mis)Trust in medical images: prediction, scientific aesthetics & ethics, and modes of visual intervention in healing processes.

Please submit by 16-12-2022 (23h Barcelona-time) your CV, application letter, and 2 recommendation letters to the following email address:

Feel free to circulate this call among your colleagues and students.

For further information please contact Raquel Cañadas:

Thank you.

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Roger Canals (Phd.)

Professor Agregat / Associate Professor

PI ERC-Consolidator Grant: Visual Trust. Reliability, accountability and forgery in scientific, religious and social images (2021-2026)

Anthropologist and Filmmaker

Departament d'Antropologia Social

Universitat de Barcelona

C/Montalegre 6, 08001, Barcelona.

Despatx 2012

Tel: (0034)934037751


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